Self-Transfer, what does it mean?

As you know Combigo offers combined tickets, which connects several carriers that do not have commercial agreements with each other, this is what we call a self-transfer. Moreover, a self-transfer is not covered by the carrier but by the Combigo Guarantee ( more information on the conditions here).
  • Step 1: Checking travel documents.

Before booking, you are responsible for checking visa, entry and exit regulations, health regulations and any other necessary regulations for your trip whether it is your final destination or the country you are transiting. Please note that we offer a stand-alone connection guarantee Combigo: if something goes wrong during a connection and you miss your flight, we will help you find a new flight.

  • Step 2: Luggage.

If you decide to take the hold baggage option at the time of booking, you should be aware that you will need to collect your baggage between the two flights, and again go through security and immigration checks to recheck it. 

  • Step 3: Reservation numbers (PNR).

When you book on the site with a combined ticket with two different airlines, you will receive two different PNR. To check in, you will need to check in on both airlines with the two PNR provided to you in the confirmation email.

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