Combined ticket guarantee

At Combigo, we have developed an algorithm to combine different tickets, from different carriers, to find the cheapest and most ecological fare, this is what we call: "combined ticket" (more information on this page).
This means that your connection is no longer guaranteed by the carrier, but don't worry our team is here to help you if you have any problems! 

 This Guarantee is not a financial compensation or insurance, but an assistance solution to help you reach your final destination with the following conditions:

Before your departure: if one of the tickets in this combination ticket is cancelled or modified by the carrier and disrupts the connection, we will refund the amount of the cancelled/modified ticket. The reservation made on Combigo cannot be refunded in full if the carriers do not refund in full.

During your journey: if during your journey with this combined ticket your flight, train or bus is delayed and disrupts your independent connection, we will offer you a new ticket to your destination or a refund of the unused ticket. (Up to a maximum of €400 per Adult/Child passenger)

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