What is a combined ticket ?

At Combigo we use algorithms to combine different tickets from different carriers to find cheaper and greener tickets, that's what we smartly call: "combined ticket".

For example, combining a flight Easyjet with a flight Lufthansa can be far cheaper than a Lufthansa flight only because Easyjet does not have a commercial agreement with Lufthansa. It can even be cheaper to combine between them 2 different flight Easyjet than buying a non-combined Easyjet flight only!

That is why and how you can book on Combigo exclusive tickets that you can't find anywhere else.

If you have booked a combined ticket, you will have several booking numbers (PNR code), one for each ticket that we have booked separately.  You must checkin for each ticket (for each PNR code) and if you have booked a checked baggage, you will need to leave the staging area, retrieve your baggage and re-register it, and then go through the security and immigration checks again.

For combined ticket, a guarantee is included in case of carrier cancel or modify its flight, bus or train. Please go to this page for more information.

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