Online check-in with RYANAIR

Are you having difficulties accessing your reservation and checking in online with Ryanair? This article is made to help you.

You are required to check-in online on the Ryanair website in order to get your boarding pass.

It is obligatory that you check-in online by yourself with the airline as they may ask you for personal information.

To guide you through the process of accessing your reservation and checking in online with Ryanair, you will find below the steps and screenshots that will allow you to see how to proceed:

1- Go to the Ryanair website:

2- Click on "My bookings" at the top of the page:

  • On computer

  • On Smartphone

3- In the section “No account? Check-in here”, depending on the flight you are looking for, enter the reservation number (PNR) and the e-mail address (the PNR and the email that you must use were sent to you by Combigo in the confirmation email that contains your booking references), then click on “Go”.

Please note that you do not need a password to access your reservation.

  • On computer

  • On smartphone

To access your reservation, you must use the email address that was sent to you by Combigo for that specific flight, not your own email address that you used to book on Combigo.

3- Once you have access to your reservation:
To check in, click on "Check-in" and fill in the required information.

  • On computer

  • On smartphone

In addition, there is a link on the Ryanair website that can inform you about the check-in process with Ryanair:

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions.

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