If I want to cancel it's with Combigo or the Airlines ?

If due to some reasons you cannot take your flight(s) and you have no other option but to cancel your flight(s), you can cancel your flights but at least 24 hours before the departure ( it depends on the airline ). In fact,when the flight takes place in the 24 hours, it is better to contact the company directly because Combigo cannot guarantee the processing of the request in time.

You have these options :

1. The first option which is to do it yourself by contacting every airline(s) and for that you will need :

  • Your booking numbers (PNR), which can be found in the summary email we sent you.  
  • The last name of the first passenger of the booking

You can then, cancel your flight(s).Please know that if you are eligible for a voucher or a refund, the airline will not give you directly but they will come through us.You will need to inform us so that we can refund or transfer what we are given by the airline(s).

Combigo's refund to the customer will be made after Combigo has received the money from the transport company. In fact, the refund times are therefore subject to the airline's delays plus 4 to 10 days of bank transfer time from Combigo to the customer.

But please note that cancelling a flight which is maintened does not mean having a full refund or a voucher especially when it is a voluntary cancellation and when the(ir) flight(s) is maintened.

2.The second option is to contact us and we will contact the airline(s) on your behalf.

There will  surely be a cancellation fee for all the formalities we have to do with each company, to cover our booking fees and credit card charges.
If you are eligible for a refund, the companies take between 15 days and several months to transfer the money.
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